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Got stories or tips to share? Send them to us. That’s why we are here. This site has been created for the purpose of giving services, information and entertainment for the community. Just remember that any story has to have a moral and each tip should be helpful. For more details refer to our Terms of Use.

The Eagle who lives in the Henhouse.

By Dr. Sandro de Michelle.
Pto.la Cruz, Venezuela.

One sunny day a hunter found an abandoned eagle’s egg on the mountain top. Taking pity, he took it to his house and set it in the henhouse with the chickens. Sometime later an eagle was born. Not knowing what to do with the little eagle, the hunter left it in the henhouse. So the little eagle ate, played around and did all the things that chicks do.

Time went by and the little eagle turned into a beautiful bird. The hunter cut the eagle’s wings to keep it from flying away; and the eagle behaved and felt like the chickens he had grown up with.

One fine day, while pecking at the corn with a brother chicken, the eagle saw a beautiful bird flying up high in the sky.

“What a beautiful bird! What kind of bird is it?" the eagle asked with wonder.

“That’s an eagle! The king of all birds” replied the brother chicken.

“I would love to be like him!” sighed the eagle chick.

“Forget it brother! We could never be like that” said sadly the other chicken.

The eagle chick looked down sadly and kept pecking his corn. Eventually the eagle chick died and never knew that he was actually an eagle.

Moral: Discover what you really are. Explore your potential and never let others determine who you are or what you will be: We are what we believe.

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Am I Right or Wrong?

Here you will find everyday situations. Sometimes we don’t know what to do.  Sometimes we overreact or we just refrain from acting. We know that some of these situations could be controversial. By sharing your experiences, others will be educated and perhaps someone is going to give you feedback. Find out if you acted right or wrong. Good Luck!

I didn’t call the Police
By Siso from Edinburg, TX

It was a very hot August morning when I finished doing my grocery in the Valley. I left the store and the merciless sun burned my skin. I worried about the milk, the fresh meat and the vegetables that I’ve just bought. I put on my sunglasses and hurried up my pace to my car.

 “For sure my car has turned into an oven,” I thought.

I placed the groceries inside the car, got in myself, and then, using the rearview mirrors, I started backing up when I felt an impact at the rear of my car. I didn't see anyone! Not anything! For this to have happened, the other driver and myself must have been backing up at the same time. I turned off my car immediately while she was moving hers away. Thank God! Both car damages were minor. I approached the other driver, she was still inside her car. She appeared to be a teenager, she was shivering and looking very nervous. I felt sorry and my maternal instincts were aroused.

Many thoughts went through my mind. Maybe she doesn’t have papers! After all I didn’t want to have someone’s life changed because of a minor car accident. So I immediately suggested that each of us should fix our respective cars. She happily agreed and I hurried away, relieved that at least my groceries wouldn’t be damaged.

I was still organizing my groceries at home when the doorbell rang. It was the police. I had been accused of “Hit and Run”. This is a serious crime in the United States.

Thank God, the truth won and all the charges were dropped! Nevertheless, I felt embarrassed and naive. I had exposed myself and I was wrong for not calling the authorities.

Next time I will call the authorities. Unfortunately, I'm not going to feel sorry for anyone. You never know when people have good or bad intentions.

Some friends told me that I must remain compassionate to others and that God will always protect me. Other friends suggested that I was lucky and that I should learn from this lesson.

Do you think I did the right or wrong thing?

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