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Recently Max was between life and death but with God help and His vets on Earth (Dr. Arturo Garcia-Camacho and Dr. Robert A. Early) Max was able to make it. With the lovely care of these two doctors and their staff Max recovering was a miracle.

Max send purrfect thanks to: Kristina  Bazan, Leilani Benavidez, Amy Beltran, Tony Martinez, Abdias Reyes, Stephen Leidner,  Amy Lopez, Susie Pena, Nicole January, David Cavillo, Roxanne Morales, Ronnie Olivares and all the great people at Banfield. (7600 N. 10th St. McAllen TX)

Maxi, a Beloved Kitten!


"Mom, I want a cat for my birthday," asked my four year old boy.

I thought, "A cat! No way Jose!" At that time we were living in an apartment and I didn’t want pets of any kind. Besides, I am a dog person.

But Gabriel always was attracted to cats. At his bedtime prayers, he always asked for an orange cat. I answered his prayers with a plethora of books about cat stories and many cat stuffed animals. One night after praying, he looked very sad and complained, “Maybe I’m a bad boy and that's why God doesn't give me a real cat.”

Pretty soon, he would be turning five and we were planning his birthday party. The invitations had already been sent to his classmates. We were very excited and never stopped talking about every detail.  Then, I got the bright idea of how to get rid of the cat threat.

And I told to my son, “Your cat or your party.” His cute face turned sad and he went away to the living room. To my dismay he was calling all his friends to cancel the party.

“Go for the cat!” his friends encouraged him. And that’s how I ended up with a cat in my house. And why is Max black and white with stunning green eyes, and not an orange cat? That's another part of the story.

To be continued ...

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