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Renting or Buying in The Valley

If you are new to the Valley, you're probably wondering if you should rent or buy your home. Here we will give some "tips" on how to deal with this dilemma. For now we will tell you that the Valley has very beautiful houses to buy at excellent prices compared to other U.S. cities. Here the buyer gets more for their money.

Renting has its advantages if your intention is to stay for a short time. You would have more flexibility to move out and also you wouldn’t have to take care of the maintenance of the property. Of course, a major disadvantage of renting is that the property doesn’t belong to you. In short, buying your home will always be a good investment.

Remember, if you buy a house, the property tax is due on January 31st. By the end of October, you should be receiving the invoice. If you don’t receive it, remember it’s your responsibility to contact the tax office.

Property Taxes

Go to the right office if you need more information to declare your taxes:
Property Taxes Hidalgo County: Tax Office