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Health Care and Hospitals*

Rio Grande Valley offers a full range of medical services, with more than seventeen hospitals serving the region. Edinburg, McAllen, and Mission are homes to the majority of the hospital beds, according to the Texas Hospital Association. McAllen Medical Center, the largest health care facility counts with more than 490 beds and more than 400 physicians. Edinburg Regional Center is a 84 Children's bed care facility with a medical staff of 150 physicians. Edinburg is also home of Edinburg Children Hospital that also counts with 107 beds. Mission Regional Medical Center is currently undergoing an expansion process that will increase the bed capacity to 268. We invite you to surf our links to find lists with the principle regional hospitals.

Health Note: About the Flu

The influenza or flu, is a fairly common disease; some typescan be mild while others can be very dangerous. This infection is caused by a virus and is often confused with the common cold because both have almost the same symptoms. Currently, we are very concerned about catching the flu, especially of the H1N1 which can spread and result in hospitalization and even death.

Remember that if you have symptoms of influenza, please contact your doctor as soon as possible to proceed with antiviral drugs as needed. To avoid contracting the flu, the best option is to be vaccinated; flu vaccines are already available.

To stay informed, we have placed some links that we are sure you will find helpful:

*This page was proofread by the Elva Figueroa 7th grade students from South Texas Preparatory Academy.
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