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RGV New Residents*

Moving is a traumatic experience! We all need stability, especially children. Moving means change and making decisions in an unfamiliar environment. We want you to feel at home quickly, and that’s why we have prepared this site especially for you. Here you’ll find useful information about hospitals, schools, transportation, and much more.

In a way, we are like you, exploring and discovering the Valley. We recognize that there is still much more to know. But don’t worry; we will be updating our findings. Have this site handy!

Just arrived to Rio Grande Valley?

Within 30 days you need to register your car and within 90 days your driver license. For further information please contact the website for New Residents “Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.” Click on the link Driver License for more information. Remember, if you buy a house, the property tax is due on January 31st. By the end of October, you should be receiving the invoice. If you don’t receive it, remember it’s your responsibility to contact your local Tax Office.

*This page was proofread by the Elva Figueroa 7th grade students from South Texas Preparatory Academy.
Edinburg, TX